DSKSIC Offers Best Product Design Courses

By | January 8, 2014
Best Product Design Courses

Best Product Design Courses

As product design is considered as one of the booming fields, numerous institutes have started coming up with various product design courses. Product designing requires a lot of creativity. It is one of the initial processes before creating a product. Product design could be any idea for redesigning a product or it could just be a new idea that is capable of succeeding. Product design needs numerous steps before reaching the final idea of a product.

Industrial design involves products that are used for industrial as well as professional use. Therefore, industrial designers have to work on a wide range of commercial products and that too with immense creativity. These products can be furniture, toys, cameras etc. Industrial designers can design almost everything. Industrial designing also involves creation of technical equipment or designing transport and industrial vehicles, aircraft’s, medical equipments, computer hardware, etc. The skills of industrial designing are transferable between different products and prices.

Therefore a new career option has been explored by students in the form of product design. Designing a product is quite a challenging job. It is not just about getting the information from the clients and designing accordingly. In this field, they have to incorporate their own creativity according to the specifications given by the client. The message that the manufacturer wants to deliver through his product should be understood by his customers. The product has to be visually appealing. The main attributes of a good product designer are:

  • Creative way of thinking
  • Researching thoroughly
  • Incorporating technology appropriately into products

The main advantage of working in product designing is that you get to work with a lot of national and international brands. However, it is advised to acquire a professional degree of industrial designing from a reputed institute. There are some top design schools in India. DSK Supinfocom is one amongst them. The advantage of doing this course from DSK Supinfocom is that this institute gives you an opportunity to work with some of the national as well international companies. This institute is known to provide top-class education to its students. This is a school that is internationally recognized. They have trained more than 600 students in the product design industry. All these designers are working with reputed companies throughout the world.

The product design course in DSK Supinfocom is categorized into two levels:

  • Foundation course
  • Advanced course

In the foundation course, you will learn all the basics of the product design industry whereas in the advanced course, the students start working on some industrial projects with some national and multinational companies. This will enable the students to get all the exposure that is needed to become a good industrial designer. While studying this course, it is mandatory to finish two 6 months internship in the design industry. This will enable the students to get some professional experience before they start with their professional industrial design career. At DSK Supinfocom, 100% placement assistance is provided. You will also get to learn product design with some latest tools such as Graphic Tablets, Rapid Protyping Machine, Clay Modelling tools and painting cabin for full sized vehicles.

Apart from this, the excellent infrastructure is provided at DSK Supinfocom where the students can learn and innovate. Therefore, it is in the list of top design schools in India. Therefore, if you are planning to do a product designing course, this institute is highly recommended.